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The little things you didn’t know about The Sandman in Santa Rosa

The Sandman name is synonymous with sleep, inspired by the mythical creature who sprinkles sand in people’s eyes to deliver good dreams. Our roadside respite has become a destination for travelers (and locals) looking to take a break from the chaos of life, rest, and rejuvenate. 

Rest encompasses everything from the time-out that tech-savvy millennials seek from their connected lives to the hot showers and comfy beds families need when exploring spots up the coast to the sunshine city dwellers crave after fleeing San Francisco’s fog. Once guests pull into the property, they become a part of our vibrant community that embraces both being imaginative and finding a sense of peace. Whether serving a tribe or solo travelers, The Sandman has something to offer. And now we have added some fun new amenities to help guests feel more at home.

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Health and wellness enthusiasts are invited to borrow a yoga mat or bring your own and do your favorite yoga routine by the pool, during your stay the Hotel will surprise guests with in-room gratitude journaling prompts and mantra cards to inspire all the days of their stay. We’ve also created “out of commission” assets that guests can use to alert their social media followers to a digital detox. Think ”48 hours of JOMO” and “Self-care is the new selfie” and “Work hard, lay hard” and “Juice. Sleep. Repeat.” We offer recommendations for local spas, healers, and healthy eateries. Our Instagram channel is peppered with fun facts about sleep and the benefits of being mindful.

The new bonfire pits are a cozy place to have a nightcap, roast marshmallows, socialize, and stargaze. S’mores kits are available in the lobby. And the bocce court is open for those who enjoy a little friendly competition. 

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We’ve integrated more play into children’s days with downloadable crafts and games — a fold- and-fill-out fortune teller, an onsite I Spy scavenger hunt, and tic-tac-toe that integrates the sleepy moons and rays of sunshine illustrations by Ty Williams. We also supply dream cards that kids can incorporate into their bedtime routines. 

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Our guests often share their fond memories of The Sandman with us. Some mention a celebration or a milestone, and others treasure a simple moment. Common things become magical — a warm welcome, a cool breeze, the light changing at sunset, the crispness of sheets, familial bonds forged over board-games, friends clinking glasses, a good night’s sleep, a happy pet, not feeling inclined to text. These vivid snapshots and dreamy vignettes have become the core of our storytelling. We want the experiences we provide our guests to extend far beyond checkout. Experience good vibes share good memories. 

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