Practice Community Gratitude

Express Gratitude & Increase Happiness

Gratitude is an attitude. Scientific studies have credited the act of being grateful with everything from improved physical and psychological health to strengthened relationships and better sleep. When people focus on the positive, they tend to live happier lives. The simple practice of acknowledging what we are thankful for can change the way we frame our days. It is an exercise in optimism. It helps us to focus on the blessings we have rather than the things we lack. At The Sandman, we installed a gratitude wall in the breakfast room to inspire guests to share their appreciations each morning. If guests wish to journal privately, they can use the gratitude writing prompts provided. We also offer mantra cards that can be used as affirmations or to guide meditation — a gratitude practice that encourages us to be present.

There are many ways we can incorporate gratitude into our routines — by smiling, actively listening, writing thank you notes, being generous, offering compliments, and volunteering. Gratitude is a ritual that becomes a reaction. And one that travelers can take home with them.

As we head into the holiday season that is ripe for expressing thanks, The Sandman staff is grateful to be a part of the strong and resilient Sonoma County community. In light of the recent fires, we are especially thankful for our brave first responders and thoughtful neighbors. During that critical time, their selflessness and unity shined. We will be hosting our annual Toys for Tots toy drive on Friday, December 6, to support families in need. We invite everyone to come share in the good cheer, decorate cookies, take photos with Santa, and hangout by the Christmas tree.