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Astrology Reading

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Astrology Reading

Saturday, June 20, 2020 June 20, 2020 Sandman Santa Rosa

Astrology Reading

Join us and Jim Seymour of Starduster Services for an out of this world evening on the Summer Solstice! Sip on a galaxy-themed cocktail while Jim gives you a personalized astrology reading!

Readings will take place from 6pm-8pm in the Pool House and Bar.

This event is free to guests and $15 for non-hotel guests.

Jim Seymour has been fascinated by the stars and planets since childhood. In college, he took classes in Astronomy, Astro-physics and the Earth Sciences, graduating with his bachelors degree in Physical Geography from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1989. His passion for Astrology wouldn't be ignited until 1994 while living in Australia. There he was cast for the role of Mercury in the Byron Bay stage production of Astro Playback Theater II. The actors brought the archetypes of the planets and signs to life, and later acted out the lives of audience members using their horoscopes. When an 82 year-old Australian woman was brought to tears by the group's uncanny portrayal of her life, Jim realized he had to pursue it further. He has been researching, applying and writing about the timeless principles of Astrology ever since. In addition to giving readings, he regularly writes informative articles on his Starduster Services Facebook page, and now on Instagram as Starduster Consulting.